Aristide Cavaillé-Coll - The fulcrum maker

Saint sulpice square

This film will be a look into Aristide Cavaille Coll – the famous creator of large organs in the 19th Century, and how these instruments played a role in bridging the old and new worlds. Central will be the work of Rudolf Steiner who opened up a new world of insight into how evolutionary forces and powers work through mankind and what challenges await us as we ourselves evolve. 

Summer early Autumn 2020.

Between the roof and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Last_Judgement_(Michelangelo) square

In this film, the most celebrated and famous Chapel in the world will be explored, with a view to finding out the more hidden connections and meanings between the Creation story on the ceiling and the Last Judgement depiction of the wall. 


Summer early Autumn 2020.