Distant shores - music video

December 2020

Music video starring Aidan Gillen.
‘Distant Shores’ by Barry McCormack from the album ‘Mean Time’.
Directed and Filmed by Raymond Beggan.
Edited by Raymond Beggan, Barry McCormack and Linda Lahdenpera.
Also featuring Siofradh McEvoy and Rosaleen Danielgol.


Lightworker by Operation Seasaw

25th May 2020.

In May 2000 Operation Sea Saw , Dublin duo Dawn Copley and Raymond Beggan, launched an album called ’11/2′.  A mix of synthesizers and guitar, it also featured spoken word over music and song.

20 years later ‘Lightworker’ is the first music video from the album.

Filmed and edited by Raymond Beggan.

 ‘Epic Electronica’. Hot Press. 

Michelangelo's final work, the Rondanini Pietà. Rescuing the human form.

2nd May 2020.

This is an in-depth look into Michelangelo’s last work the Rondanini Pietà. The sculpture has special properties in that when it is viewed from varying angles new meanings and forms appear. It also contains a never before seen alignment, which triumphantly turns the theme of the Sculpture from Pietà or Pity, the terrible moment the Virgin holds her broken, dead son in her arms, into joy and renewal, as the risen Christ is seen above in the clouds. Michelangelo died on the 18th February 1564; he was still working on this sculpture right up until a few days before his death. It is always described as being ‘unfinished’, but perhaps a better term for it would be ‘always beginning’.

This was filmed in Milan in July 2019. 

Written and filmed by Raymond Beggan. Music by Operation seasaw from ‘Music Odyssey’ written and performed by Dawn Copley & Raymond Beggan 2006.End Titles music  ‘Come forth’ written and produced by Raymond Beggan 2020